Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located ?

We have three offices our main office is in Phoenix Arizona the others are in Vancouver Canada, London UK, Prague Czech Republic.

Will my account get band?

Buying social media followers and likes is one of the easiest things on the Internet. Just type “buy Instagram followers” on your search engine and you will get thousands of sites claiming to sell credible Instagram followers and likes.

We however do all the leg work and get you reputably followers (Real People) not follow for follows that will drop through to keep your followers you must keep your account active meaning you must post at least once a day or three times a week to keep them interested and keep them wanting more post that they did not start to follow a dead-end account with no updates also can’t just try to instantly contact your new followers and try to sell them something without them seeing you post a few weeks normal or even products you are trying to sell.

What is the policy on SPAM & unsolicited emails?

Many e-mail service providers have Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) or Terms of Service (TOS) that prohibits you from sending unsolicited emails, nor can you use an email list that you may have harvested or purchased from online. Some email service providers claim 100% inbox rates which can’t be true when you are on a shared IP address and domain with other of their clients, and if you get a complaint you risk your account getting shut down without a fair warning and without a refund they may make you pay for violating their AUP. We understand that these unfortunate situations do happen and we will try to work with you to make sure that you stay compliant and keep your campaign running, we do let you use your harvest or purchased list on the servers we take these risk because our clients are not on the same IP address or domain. If we do receive a complaint we handle it without shutting down our clients. We do help you keep a good email reputation as well, we remove your domain and IP address if they are blacklisted on one of the spam listing sites we work with most of them and have good communication with most major ISP’s.